A Man Is Dead (Un Homme est Mort)

By Olivier Cossu, France, (2018), 66 min, French, English subtitles

Brest, 1950. Post-war reconstruction efforts in France have led to poor working conditions. The workers are on strike calling in vain for higher wages. P’tit Zef, Édouard (Mazé), and Désiré take part in demonstrations organized by the CGT syndicate when the situation suddenly becomes violent. The police shoot into the crowd and a bullet hits Édouard. The labor union calls upon the filmmaker René Vautier to film the events. P’tit Zef and Désiré accompany Vautier through the devastated city. Having at his side a man whose only weapon is a camera, P’tit Zef is consumed with anger. He wants revenge for the death of his friend.

Bio Capitol, Saturday 2.11.19 14:30